Geography Teachers' Association of Queensland


The Geography Teachers' Association of Queensland Inc. (GTAQ) is the

professional organisation representing Geography teachers in Queensland.




An intensive one day workshop at the start of Term 4 to assist Geography teachers interpret the syllabus documents and discover new and exciting ways to teach and assess.

Paul Ould QCAA Assistant Director– Changes to Qld Curriculum: Planning for the Future 

Workshop: Geographical thinking: Teaching the concepts – F-10

The workshop explores the seven concepts of the Australian Curriculum: Geography and provides practical examples to use with students when discussing what they involve and how they make us think when studying anything. Geographical thinking is a way of looking at the world and students should be encouraged to engage directly with the concepts to develop their geographical understanding.

Workshop: Deconstructing the Australian Curriculum: Geography 

This workshop introduces participants to the AGTA GeogSpace process developed to deconstruct a year level of the geography curriculum. The process involves looking at a year level of the curriculum and:

  • identifying knowledge, understandings, skills, concepts in the achievement standards
  • aligning the content to the achievement standards
  • developing customised inquiry questions
  • creating an overarching Big Idea.

 Workshops participants will have a chance to undertake the process for a year level of their choice and critique its usefulness for the program development needs in their school.

Workshop:  Become a student for the afternoon - Augmented reality in Geography

Sit back and be prepared for a journey to Tasmania to discover the amazing ways you can use free spatial technology to support your pedagogy. 

Workshop: Connecting the Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship to the Australian Curriculum: Geography – Years 3-10


The workshop introduces participants to the idea of connecting the Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship to the Australian Curriculum: Geography. Ideas, resources and processes will be discussed that provide opportunities for programs to meet some of the civics and citizenship achievement standards whilst teaching the content and meeting the achievement standards of the geography curriculum. 

When: Friday 16th October

Where: St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School,  Ascot

Time: 8.30am – 3.15pm

Cost: $100 for GTAQ members    $120 for Non GTAQ Members

Catering: Morning Tea and Lunch supplied 

Register by : Wednesday 14th October




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